About Us

ExtTabs was started in the year 2021 with an aims to provide best, valuable and informative content to all its readers. We are a team of enthusiastic and professional writers who focuses on providing health and fitness related informative content and supplements reviewed personally and unbiasedly. Our team includes professionals who are highly experienced in writing valuable and well researched content for our readers. Our content includes health and fitness related tips, advice, and reviews on most trending dietary and health supplements. We as a ExtTabs team have years of experience for serving in various industries like fitness, health, and beauty.

Hi, Myself Luca Kiek and I am one who created ExtTabs and currently working as a Chief Content Editor. I am a science graduate from Maastricht University who later worked as a general health and wellness consultation with a couple of health service providers. At this website, I focus on informative content and product reviews related to general health and wellness such as neuropathic pain, joint relief, cognitive health, and much more.